Happy Star Wars Day 2014

It is 4th May.  Happy Star Wars Day! May The Force Fourth Be With You.

There are some #MayThe4thSG activities happening at Jurong Regional Library to celebrate Star Wars Day.  I am not sure why there is suddenly such huge interest this year, but drop by if you are in the neighbourhood.  I absolutely love the poster.


Bad Month…’nuff said

Well, July was fine, just busy, mainly because my boss came back from a month-long holiday and started hounding us for this, that and the other report.  Otherwise July was a pretty ok run-of-the-mill July.  Nothing big, nothing small, Oh I did attend a basic workshop at Olympus which they hold for new owners of the EP and EPL cameras. That was fun.  Will post photos later? maybe?  😀

Oh I did get my USB-powered LED lamp. nothing fancy, but at least I don’t have to sit at my desk in the dark anymore.

erm, ignore that mess of notebooks behind!

erm, ignore that mess of notebooks behind!

August…*big sigh* who would expect their birthday month to be so majorly and negatively dramatic? it’s bad enough that I have to cancel my HK trip, even though the air tickets cost me almost $400, and the upcoming hotel bill is almost $300. *gulp* $700 down the drain.  I hope I can find someone to help me out in October when I go to Taiwan.  Anybody knows any part-time maid service that’s not too expensive?

Thank goodness August is finally over, and hopefully all this bad stuff will blow over once the lunar 7th month passes us by.  *urgh*

Falling behind already?

2 weeks into my I-would-like-to-blog-often schedule, and I’m already falling behind? Well, I’m not really sticking to a fixed schedule anyway, but my issue has always been, the more I procrastinate, the more I love it! I’m like some procrastination junkie. First it’ll be “oh it’s ok, I’ll do it later”, then later becomes tomorrow, tomorrow becomes next week etc etc.  You see where this is going.  I’m also a detraction junkie.

Anyway, contrary to last week, mineral mondays are a no-go, I repeat, a no-go. For everyday minerals anyway. I tried them out again on last Tuesday, a very hot humid day. I was sweating as I was sitting in front of the fan and hoping the loose mineral powders wouldn’t (a) blow all over my bed (b) congeal on my face.  I was fairy successful in preventing both, and then 15 mins later, I was sweating profusely again, and my face started to itch and sting. Yuck.  The itching wasn’t very serious, just rather distracting especially when I started to sweat.  Nothing happened if I sat in the airconditioned comfort of the office.  I thought I would be the lucky ones who’s not allergic to mineral makeup, but apparently BM works for me, but not EDM.  So end of story for EDM.

I’m also falling behind a bit on my Korean homework, but nothing a little late night at the office couldn’t help with. Blessed airconditioning and bright lighting.  It’s just horrible trying to concentrate at home recently, with the heat and the humidity. My arms keep sticking to my book pages lol, I’m that hot and sticky.

Oh yes, I am looking around for a better desk lamp, something in white LED light. I don’t have an actual study area in my room anymore (nor my entire house for that matter), so I study in front of the computer. The main room light is behind me though, so that corner is extremely dark.  It’s so dark I even have to turn on my desk lamp when I (occasionally?) eat in front of the ‘puter.  So, any recommendations? Nothing too expensive! I’m broke this month! Groupon occasionally has this on sale, any good?


A USB LED lamp might suffice, as long it’s not those puny 3-LED weaklings, I need to light up half my desk, not my keyboard, my keyboard already has it’s own lights 🙂  I think this warrants a trip to heaven Sim Lim Square!



summery themes

Trying out a new summery theme, Confit, because it’s a new month, and the second half of the year no less.

I usually hate the heat, especially in Singapore where it’s just hot and humid and sticky.  But I do love the celebratory effects that summer always has on people all over the world.  It just reminds me of picnics, beaches and holidays.  🙂

Old flower glasses

Nothing much happening this week, except, ta-da! my new glasses.  With this pair, I’ve taken the largest step man, or rather, womankind, can take, that step towards old age lol.

Yup these are progressive lenses, or what used to be known as multifocal lenses, or more commonly known as old people glasses (老花眼鏡! literally old flower spectacles)  I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that I have to hold my phone metres away from my face just to see my Whatsapp and Line messages 😛  Now I don’t have to. But I do have to admit I’m old hahaha. So if you ever see me on the MRT, remember to give your seat up to me!


I ♥ my HTC One X

Even though everyone has ABANDONED it, including HTC! after the One came out.

Just putting it out there, because I’ve been meeting people who hate it. And they give me this incredulous ‘really’ when I say I love mine. I do. I ♥ my HTC One X.

New gadget! Finally! Prolink PKB-3811U Keyboard

I’ve been too poor to get any new gadgets recently.  Apart from the HTC One X last year, which I love love love, but was just not inspired enough to blog about.  Finally decided to get a nice spanking new keyboard, the Prolink PKB-3811U.  My old cheapie one from Genius has been with me for years, and has turned nice and grungy with food, fingerprints and more.  But that’s not why I changed it, it’s still working fine.  In line with my thoughts of blogging more often from now on (again!), I wanted to make the blogging / typing experience easier on my wrists.  I’ve have been suffering from some wrist fatigue for some time.  They’re not yet swollen or immovable yet, but getting there fast.  I thought my old keyboard was flat enough, but apparently it wasn’t.  It was also quite noisy when I typed, and I’ve gotten quite fed-up of the clicking and clacking interrupting my thoughts.

My brother passed me an Apple keyboard sometime back, but it was really way too flat.   The height of the keys was too low so I never knew if I’d pressed the keys or not.  That,  the Apple layout also seriously interfered with the way I game, slowing down my WoW-ing a lot.   I’m fussy, I know. After 20 years or more of using the PC layout, what do you expect.

The Prolink PKB-3811U is really a no-frills, standard 104-key keyboard.  Tthe keys are more of a Windows laptop height (think Lenovo Thinikpad T400), rather than the flatter than flat Apple chiclet style.  The short travel is enough to suit someone like me, light enough that it doesn’t wreak havoc on my wrists, deep enough that I know I’m typing correctly.

And it’s quuuieet.  I can still hear myself typing, but it’s more of a small peaceful muffled thud rather than a clack. I’m testing the typing out for the first time right now, and I love the experience!  Need a little bit of time to get used to it being so close to the table, but that’s nothing compared to my oh-so-comfortable wrists!

Oh, and it’s illuminated~~~~~~~ ooooooo

The ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard

The ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard

The ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. It's illuminated.

The ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. It’s illuminated.

ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. slightly glossy body, keys have a nice matte rubbery feel.

ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. slightly glossy body, keys have a nice matte rubbery feel.


ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. Backlight 1 Green

ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. Backlight 1 Green

ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. Backlight 2 Blue

ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. Backlight 2 Blue

ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. Backlight 1 Cyan

ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard. Backlight 1 Cyan 

ProLink PKB-3811U

ProLink PKB-3811U keyboard from the front. Nice and flat.

Forgive the bad quality pictures.  Just snapped them off on the world’s sexiest phone, the HTC One X, and unfortunately not doing the camera justice.

Android not for the old

Barely 9 months since my last post, and Android has gone through 6 main versions, and over 20 sub-versions. Why haven’t I been posting? Because I jumped ship to iOS in late-2010 and never looked back after Cupcake failed my day-to-day.

I’m back again on Android, because currently iOS 5.0 is failing me badly, with battery levels dropping from 100 to 30 in less than 5 hours, and bad laggy apps. So I splashed out, well it was more of a tiny dip, on some new Android hardware.

Ta-da, the Ainol Novo 7 Advanced tablet

No reviews from me, as again, there are hundreds out there since the tablet is about a year old.  Google‘s your best friend, and those reviews do it a lot better than me anyway.

Oh yes, lost track as usual. Why is Android not for the old?  Considering that it’s gone through so many iterations in just a year and that hardware can never keep up (ie. buy a new phone if your Android is 1.5 versions older than what’s on the market) , an old fart like me is finding it really hard to keep track. I’m asking my mum to stick to good old Symbian-based ones because you don’t miss a hardware T9 keyboard till it’s gone.